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Assay Design


What if I need an assay designed for me?

If we don't have the assay(s) you need in our database, we'll assign a Transnetyx Assay Design Specialist to custom design your assay(s) -- free of charge. You will be able to track the status of your assay(s) and receive automated notifications when your assay is ready to test. You can contact your assay design specialist directly by phone, email, or online chat from the home page of your account.

CRISPR models


Can you test CRISPR models?

Transnetyx can develop assays for all types of models, including those created by genome editing with CRISPR, TALEN, or ZFNs. Just tell us the exact mutant sequence(s) that resulted from your editing process, and we'll design a TaqMan-based assay to genotype your samples.

Free Trial


How does the free trial work?


To request your free trial, simply set up your online account. We'll send an easy-to-use welcome kit with everything you need to collect and return your free samples -- free of charge. You can select an assay from our database online, or tell us about your mutations and a Transnetyx assay design specialist will custom design an assay for you at no charge. Place your order online then collect and ship your samples. We'll process them in our fully automated genotyping system and notify you when your results are available online. Results are guaranteed to be accurate and on time or they are free. Watch and see how easy it is to get fast and accurate genotyping results.



Why is Transnetyx headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee?

One of the many reasons we are headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee is the fact that FedEx World Headquarters is also located in Memphis. This allows us to arrive our customers' samples in an efficient manner and helps guarantee our turnaround times. Click here to learn more about our great relationship with FedEx.

Minimum or Maximum


Is there a minimum or maximum number of samples?

You can place an order with just one sample, and there is no limit to the number of samples you can send. If you plan to send many samples, talk to us about adjusted per-sample pricing.

Order Process


How do I place an order?

Free trial

See how fast, easy, and accurate we are. We'll genotype 25 samples for you absolutely free.

  • More than 20,000 (real-time PCR) assays in stock
  • More than 10,000 MGI and JAX lines available
  • Available for mice, zebrafish, rats, and more

No contract. No minimum. No obligation.

Free trial

See how fast, easy, and accurate we are. We'll genotype 25 samples for you absolutely free.

No contract. No minimum. No obligation.

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